Our Winter Open Water Certification Classes will get You a Head Start on Summer

Why are you putting off your Open Water Certification until next spring or summer? What do you say, it’s cold outside? Why not be a certified diver by summer and go on dive trips and adventures instead. Hey, there are three parts to the Certification Course:

  • Knowledge Development to understand basic principles of scuba diving. 
  • Confined water dives in a pool to learn basic scuba skills.
  • 4 Open Water Dives to review your skills and explore!

The first two parts are done inside where it’s warm and comfortable. Yes, you learn the scuba skills in an indoor pool (and it’s heated). Does that sound good?

You ask, what about the open water certification dives? You have several options to complete the certification:

  • Do your open water dives somewhere warm, like the Florida Keys or the Caribbean. We will provide you with a referral form. You take your referral to any PADI Resort, we will even assist you with setting up your dives.
  • Join us in March or April at the Florida Spring to complete your dives.
  • Or complete your open water certification here at a local dive site, starting in May.

How to get your Open Water Certification before Summer

  1. Come meet us and get signed up. Fill out some paperwork and pick up your books.

  2. Complete some reading and watch some videos ahead of the classroom times (2 sessions).

  3. Complete five pool sessions to learn 24 different in-water skills (2 half-day sessions)

  4. Decide where you want to complete your 4 Open Water Dives

Class Schedule

Classroom 1st Session

(attend 1 of 2 dates)

Jan. 9th    6pm – 9pm

Jan. 13th  1pm – 4pm

Pool 1st Session

(attend 1 of 2 dates)

Jan. 20th  8am – 11am

Jan. 27th  8am – 11am

Classroom 2nd Session

(attend 1 of 2 dates)

Feb. 6th    6pm – 9pm

Feb. 10th  1pm – 4pm

Pool 2nd Session

(attend 1 of 2 dates)

Feb. 24th  8am – 11am

Mar.  3rd  8am – 11am

What’s Included:

  • Student learning materials
  • Classroom instruction
  • Pool times and fees
  • Dive Gear (Scuba Unit)
  • DAN insurance for 6 month
  • Discount on equipment purchases 

What’s Not Included:

  • Mask, Snorkel, and Fins
  • Open Water Dives

Get Started

Cost for Winter Class

$279 per student