PDRA Quarries

 The PDRA is home to more than 1100 members throughout North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina which consists of individuals and families that are serious about diving safety and having fun. Instructional and recreational scuba and skin diving is made available through several PDRA-owned quarries. Each facility provides changing areas (trailers or buildings), picnic shelters with tables, sanitation facilities, easy entry areas with ample parking and other amenities. Membership into the PDRA is available directly from PDRA by accessing the Membership link for information about joining. The PDRA always welcomes new members! PDRA Website for more info

Lake Jocassee, SC

The waters of Lake Jocassee are some of the cleanest and clearest waters in the Southeast, providing for excellent visibility for all types of divers. Visibility is usually over 15 feet, and over 50 feet at some depths. There are many locations on Lake Jocassee that provide excellent opportunities for diving trips. 

Camping and cabins are available at the south side of the lake, check out Devils Fork State Park in Salem, SC. Inside the park one of the day time use ramps is open to walk-in scuba diving and closed to motorized boats. Great place to start if this is you first dive at Jocassee. Air fills and Dive charters are available from Lake Jocassee Dive Shop.

Lake Phoenix, VA

Under the surface it is a spectacular underwater world with lots of fish and attractions in the fresh water supplied by an active aquifer. Lake temperatures in the summer can reach or exceed 80F with distinct and visible thermoclines, with great visibility. The spring-filled lake has an abundance of friendly fish, a turtle or two, crawfish for those that look closely, and many well placed attractions for snorkelers and scuba divers.

Enjoy camping, picnicking, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, volleyball, and many other interactions with nature. Lake Phoenix in Rawlings VA is a great weekend destination for groups or families.